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Welcome to my store.

I am a certified CAD designer in 2D and 3D.
Here you will find 2D and 3D plans developed in Autocad, DraftSight and Solidworks.

My PDFs are the automatically converted DWG files.

Advantages of CAD plans:

Computer aided design (CAD) plans are more accurate, making the design cleaner and very easy to use and understand.
CAD plans have no mirroring errors, are clean and can be changed at any time.
Small hardware requirement (computer), your cellphone or tablet are sufficient.

100% line connections (no scanning or vectorizing).

Gain productivity in engineering and creation of the Laser Parts Kit, obtaining better results with the use of my plans.
Undoubtedly, gaining agility in the project sector makes all the difference. And this reason must be taken into account when purchasing my files and saving time and money.


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