Virtual delivery

The plans will be available on download links in the your account , but only after the release by the corresponding banking system, the amount paid in U.S. Dollars or other currencies.

For all customers

1- You pay with Paypal.
2- You will receive an email with the link of the plants. Click the link and save to your computer. Or
3 - You can access your account in the store and in HISTORICO will have a links to download the plans.
4 - My security measure: I always send copies of plans direct to the client's email. Via Gmail. On the same day.


It is clarified that the Casa da Balsa plans not exchange digital or printed and not return values of plans, because plans can be copied in print plotter. In the case of digital purchase is the customers computer with a copy of that digital plans can not be returned. The malicious client could stay with an unauthorized copy by returning the original plan sent or downloaded.

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.


Check your email, and click on the link as marked with the name of your product or download directly into your account.

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