How to choose and use my files.

The DWG or DXF files.

                     The files (DWG) were created for the laser cutting and the DXF in the 2009 CAD version, for the CNC/Router cutting router.
          To assemble the model airplane, you need to cut the parts that form the wing structure, fuselage, vertical stabilizer and horizontal stabilizer etc ...

How to use the cut pieces.

          Take the DWG file or the DXF file to a printer plotter with 90cm wide paper and print.
          All plans have a printing scale for the printer operator to see the measurements that each plant leaf will have at the end. This is called a print scale.

The Two In One PDF files.

          PDFs were created with the same plans, converted directly from CAD software to PDF form. This simplifies a lot when printing, because it is enough for the operator of the plotter to print the PDF because it is in the 100% scale.

My PDFs are editable in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Photoshop CS6 Extended, and others.
My PDFs can be imported directly into Autocad, CADian, and DraftSight.

The plans printed from the DWG, DXF or PDF.

          Place on a flat table and assemble the pieces directly onto the paper, remember to put a thin plastic over the plant before beginning the assembly. Thus the plans would remain intact after the assembly of the model aircraft.

          It is recommended to buy the DWG or DXF + the PDF plans to make it easier to cut the pieces and when printing the plans.

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