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IMQ-9 REAPER UAV - PDF - 98in WS - Downloadable Plans



IMQ-9 REAPER UAV - PDF - 98in WS - Downloadable Plans

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MQ-9 Reaper - PDF - CAD - 98in WS - Details

Plans in 1:1 scale
Balsa Wood Construction coated fiber
Recommended engine: 40 glow or higher | Accepts Electric Motor | adaptive engine: 20cc DLE (requires little modification to adapt the carburettor, not specified in the plans).
Profile of the wing: NACA 23012
Profile horizontal stabilizer: NACA 64
Wingspan: 250 cm (98")
Lenght: 103 cm (40")
Accepts complete system of autonomous navigation
Includes support for missile.
Three wing panels removable for transport.
System Aileron / Flap / Rudder and elevon mixed with aileron wing

All former and ribs in the plans drawn.

Size: 752 KB (770,048 bytes)
Requires WinRar to decompress.

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Not following pictures, assembly instructions or CD.

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